Case Study 5 - Military RF Switched Filter

The client, a UK subsidiary of a large international defence company, was developing a new version of a vehicle borne, high power, UHF military radio for the UK Ministry of Defence.

They had a design team working at their secure site, which was developing the radio to very aggressive time schedules. It was discovered that a module of the radio, a high power, ultra-linear, RF switch with RF filtering and precision power sensing, had inadequate RF performance.

Wireless Solutions undertook a review of the performance and design of the existing RF switch module and showed, by means of measurement and analysis, that the existing design would be unable to achieve the required performance.

Working at the client’s site due to the security aspects of the project, we re-designed the RF switch module. Prototype couplers and switchable RF filters were manufactured and tested, followed by a batch of fully functional modules.

The new RF Switch module met all technical requirements and was completed within the required timescales, removing a technical risk to the project.

What they say about us

“I found it difficult to be critical of his design work as he had almost always thought of everything and had produced elegant solutions.”

- Client Chief Scientist

“I was impressed by the original solutions to design problems backed up with theoretical analyses where required.”

- Client Chief Engineer