Case Study 3 - High-End CCTV Cameras

The client is a manufacturer of high-end ruggedised CCTV security cameras. Wireless Solutions has worked with the client over a range of projects in different capacities.

Initial Troubleshooting

The client owned the design rights for a camera which had been selling well but which suffered from technical problems, both software and hardware, and was not as cost effective to manufacture as it could have been.

Wireless Solutions undertook a review of the existing hardware and software design and identified a number of areas in which it could be improved. A programme of work was then carried out to improve the camera’s tracking performance, to fix software bugs and to introduce new software features which enhanced user functionality.

Development of replacement product

Wireless Solutions then worked in co-operation with the client's mechanical designer to develop a brand new, replacement, CCTV camera with enhanced performance, greater reliability and reduced manufacturing cost.

The original camera sold well until the replacement became available approximately one year later. The new camera entered volume production and remains in widespread use by local authority and commercial organisations both overseas and throughout the UK.

Evolution to IP

Wireless Solutions continued to work with the client to develop an HD/IP solution within the existing mechanical design, including a prototype unit for an HD-SDI solution.

The move to IP presented numerous challenges in terms of complexity, requiring digital video encoding, RTSP streaming, HTTP web server and web-based user interface, industry-standard ONVIF certification and ensuring interoperability with established systems and standards.

Wireless Solutions worked to minimise project risks by re-using proven design elements from the existing product whilst integrating an embedded system-on-chip (SoC) video encoder.

The IP camera is in volume production and in widespread use by local authority and commercial organisations both overseas and throughout the UK.

Ongoing support

Wireless Solutions has remained active in supporting the client's product range, as advanced 2nd-line support including visits to customer sites to diagnose and resolve complex issues.

What they say about us

“We have used Wireless Solutions to develop our CCTV products for several years. They’ve designed most of our current product line and, through their dedication and high quality designs, they have made a major contribution to our business. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

- Client Managing Director