Case Study 4 - Medical Telemetry Link

The client was a leading technical consultancy who was engaged upon the design of a human body mounted telemetry link for a medical application.

A baseline design for the link was under consideration but the client had various commercial and technical concerns about the system, including whether the unit cost target was achievable. Wireless Solutions undertook a feasibility study to consider alternative options for the telemetry link.

On-body propagation was characterised over a range of RF frequencies and the results used to determine which system options would be viable. Passive, semi-passive, active and energy harvesting techniques were all considered before an optimised performance vs cost solution was selected. An outline system was designed, an ASIC supplier was selected and a technology demonstrator was manufactured. The feasibility study confirmed the technology choice, that a particular coupling mechanism was preferable and that the required unit cost was achievable.

What they say about us

A major decision maker on every critical aspect of the product design. A pleasure to work with and I would definitely welcome additional opportunities to do so.”

- Client’s customer

“Supported aggressive schedule requirements with extensive personal effort resulting in high quality designs.”

- Client Vice President