Case Study 2 - WCDMA Cell Phone

The client was a UK based subsidiary of a major overseas manufacturer of mobile phones.

The parent company set up a multinational team to develop a Tri-band 3rd generation slider phone and awarded the client with the contract to develop the electronics for the phone. Wireless Solutions assumed technical responsibility for the system design of the phone, for providing technical consultancy to the client’s engineers, liaising with the parent company, suppliers and factory, and working in conjunction with the client’s project manager to expedite the development.

Most of the work was carried out at the client’s site in order to optimise communication with the design team. The technical expertise and consultancy provided by Wireless Solutions was instrumental in achieving all major technical requirements. This product was the parent company’s first 3rd generation slider phone.

What they say about us

“The System Design Authority required a high quality standard in all areas of the project. This meant there were very few nasty surprises at the test phase and the engineers had a high confidence in the end product.”

- Member of Client Development Team